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Latest acquisition - plant number 20

Continuous growth for Impreglon
Plant No. 20 in Baltimore, USA

What CEO Henning J. Claassen already indicated at the shareholder meeting on June 27, 2011 is now official: Effective July 1, 2011 Impreglon acquired 'Applied Coating Systems, Inc.' ('ACS') of Baltimore, Maryland. The third coating plant on the East coast of the United States closes the gap between the existing sites in Atlanta and Boston. In addition 'ACS' offers new coating processes to the group as well as new customers in the larger Washington area and the surrounding states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

This represents the third acquisition for the group this year. The parties agreed not to disclose the purchase price.

With 21 locations in 10 countries Impreglon is one of the leading companies in the field of surface technology worldwide. For 2011 the Impreglon Group expects to increase sales by more than 30%, exceeding 70 million Euro.


































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Fluoropolymer Coatings

Fluoropolymer coatings are used in a number of key applications.
For example, where low friction or
non-stick is required.
If corrosion resistance is the objective, then Halar (ECTFE) or PFA are often used. Conductive coating versions are also available.
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TempCoat ®

The TempCoat® range is the family name given to the fluoropolymer coatings applied by Impreglon. The TempCoat® method creates a high quality polymer surface. These coatings have excellent sliding, non-stick, release and dry lubrication properties and the TempCoat® process ensures that the coating is securely anchored to the base material (substrate).
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MagnaCoat ®

MagnaCoat® surfaces are heavy-duty fluoropolymer coatings which are pinhole free. They can also offer good non-stick properties and some have high electrical and impact resistance, even at elevated temperatures. The coatings provide excellent barrier protection to resist aggressive chemicals and other sources of corrosion. The MagnaCoat® range
of coatings are probably the best corrosion resistant coatings available.
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Low Friction Coatings

Where low friction coatings are needed, PTFE coatings are usually used. Hard wearing low friction coatings can be achieved when combining fluoropolymer coatings with plasma reinforcement (such as stainless steel, Tungsten Carbide or ceramics).
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Anti Corrosion Coatings

Special coatings that offer galvanic protection can be used to create a barrier layer. These coatings corrode in preference to the substrate when the coating is damaged. In addition we have corrosion resistant coatings where corrosion is prevented from happening due to the non-porous nature of the protective coating. Impreglon has a wide range of anti corrosion coatings with varying film thicknesses.
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Chemical Resistant Coatings

These coatings have thicknesses that range from around 200 microns to over 800 microns. Some of these coatings will withstand very aggressive and abrasive environments.
Impreglon chemical resistant coatings can be found throughout the chemicals and petrochemicals industries and applied to parts ranging from valves
to vessels.
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Non Stick Coatings

Special polymers (fluoropolymers, such as PTFE) are used to reduce the surface energy of the substrate surface and that effectively prevents many different substances from sticking. The choice of non-stick coating from the hundreds available to Impreglon UK is made based on experience and knowledge on how different fluoropolymers behave in different applications.
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Plasma Coatings

The PlasmaCoat® method combines the outstanding hardness and wear resistance of thermally sprayed metal and ceramic coatings with the non-stick and sliding properties of polymers (both fluoropolymers and other polymers).
Plasma coatings can be used in their own right to give hard wearing surfaces.
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Polyurethane Coatings

Polyurethane coatings come under the TempCoat® umbrella and are used to give impact resistance and sound deadening. Usually applied at thicknesses from 1mm upwards, the Impreglon polyurethane coating system is available in a range of colours.
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ECTFE Coating

Halar® ECTFE, a copolymer of ethylene and chlorotrifluoroethylene, is a semi-crystalline melt processable partially fluorinated polymer. 

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Complimentary Services

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Powder Coatings

Electrostatic powder coatings are steadily gaining in significance. Impreglon has developed the FlexiColor® method to meet the increasing demand. The essential advantages of this product over conventional surface treatments
are high quality, economy and environmental safety.
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Dry Lubrication

These coatings are used where moving parts need lubrication but, as the name suggests, the lubricity needs to be dry. An example would be a valve in an inaccessible location.
The Impreglon range of dry lubrication coatings includes PTFE, PTFE/graphite, PTFE/Molybdenum Disulphide and Molybdenum Disulphide on its own.
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Xylan® Coatings

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Teflon® Coatings

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ZTD Coat® (Sherardising)

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